Botany 2018 Symposia

Schedule will be determined at a later date.

Tools, Standards, Techniques, and Methods for Using Herbarium Specimens in Phenological Research

Organizer:  Gil Nelson
Florida State University/iDigBio
Co-Organizers:  Pam Soltis (University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History), Libby Ellwood (La Brea Tar Pits and Museum), and Jenn Yost (CalPoly

Evolution of Plant Chemical Diversity: Renaissance of comparative biochemistry

Organizer:  J. Chris Pires
University of Missouri
Co-Organizer: Stacey Smith, University of Colorado, Boulder

Evolution, ecology, development, and conservation of carnivorous plants – Part I

Organizer:  Tanya Renner
The Pennsylvania State University
Co-Organizers:  Thomas J. Givnish (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Robert Naczi (New York Botanical Garden)

Phylogeny and evolution of angiosperms in the era of next generation sequencing

Organizer:  Hong Ma
The Pennsylvania State University
Co-Organizer(s):  Doug Soltis (University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History), Pam Soltis (University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History), Jim Leebens-Mack (University of Georgia)

The Future of Digital Projects for Research & Teaching in Botany

Organizer:  Jason Przybylski, JSTOR
Co-Organizer:  Deirdre Ryan, JSTOR

Trail Blazing Women as botanical artists in the 19th and 20th century

Organizer:   Nuala Caomhanach
Co-Organizer:  Susan Holland (Editor, Region One - The Daylily Pioneer)



Ericaceae: Systematics, Ecology and Evolution
Organizers: Caroline Puente-Lelievre, US Food and Drug Administration; Valerie Soza, University of Washington; Benjamin C. M. Potter, University of Auckland

The flora of Madagascar: uncovering mechanisms for diversification
Organizer: Margaret Hanes, Eastern Michigan University

Biology of Isoetales, a colloquium in honor of Dr. W. Carl Taylor
Organizers: Alejandra Vasco, Botanical Research Institute of Texas; James E. Watkins , Colgate University; Robbin C. Moran, The New York Botanical Garden

Applications of Plant Genomics
Organizers: Caroline Puente-Lelievre and Sara Handy, US Food and Drug Administration

Revolutionizing systematics: Herbaria in the Genomics Age
Organizers: Michael R McKain, The University of Alabama; Laura Lagomarsino, Louisiana State University

Plants at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary
Organizers: Nathan A Jud and Alejandra Gandolfo, Cornell University

Pacific Biogeography
Organizers: Benjamin Potter, University of Auckland; Marc Appelhans, University of Goettingen; Warren Wagner, Smithsonian Institution

A synthesis of new paleontological and phylogenomic perspectives on gymnosperm evolution
Organizers: Nathalie Nagalingum, Cal Academy; Gordon Burleigh, University of Florida

Evolutionary History, Biogeography, and Floral Morphometrics of Salvia (Lamiaceae)
Organizers: Bryan T Drew, University of Nebraska-Kearney; Ken Sytsma and Ricardo Kriebel, University of Wisconsin

Fossil plants at the intersection of evo-devo and phylogeny: celebrating the contributions of Gar W. Rothwell to biodiversity and evolution
Organizer:  Alexandru Mihail Tomescu, Humboldt State University 

Evolution, ecology, development, and conservation of carnivorous plants - Part II
Organizers: Tanya Renner, The Pennsylvania State University; Tom Givnish, UW-Madison; Rob Naczi, The New York Botanical Garden

100 years of Baileyan Trends – Wood Evolution, Function and Future
Organizers: Cynthia Jones, University of Connecticut; Elizabeth Wheeler, North Carolina State University; Pieter Baas, Herbarium Division, Leiden

Botanical foundations for perennial agriculture: Evolution and ecology of perennial herbaceous plants
Organizers: Sterling Herron, Claudia Ciotir, and Allison Miller, Saint Louis University